PetZen™ giveaway

We are so excited to tell you about this new product made by PetZen™ products. and to offer our readers a chance to win a product from PetZen™. Giveaway rules are posted at the bottom of the post.

Over the weekend some of our dogs got to go try on the dog vest, call the K9FITvest™.  It is designed to help strengthen and tone the dogs’ muscles and provide better posture. It also helps correct problems that some dogs have due to not enough excersize or health issues. Each vest is designed for specific weights and sizes of dogs. I am really impressed with this product and will definitely be getting one for my pup. We also got to try out the dog treadmill. 

I was lucky enought to be given a dog travel bowl

I really love their products, and I am not just saying that. They are fabulous! Plus, my dog loves them too. So head on over to their website and check out their products

petzen1We look good in our K9FITvest™, don’t ya think?

petzen2K.C. working out on the Dog Treadmill.

So I love their travel bowl so much that we will be giving one away, along with a PetsMart gift card, to one of our lucky readers.

Here are ways to enter:

1. Head on over to PetZen’s facebook page and like them and let me know that you “liked” them by commenting on this post.

2. Tweet your favorite product with the hashtag #petzenproducts and let me know by commenting on this post.

3. Visti their website and then comment on this post and tell me what your favorite product is.

Giveaway ends: April 2 11:59 PST

The winner will be announced April 3


9 thoughts on “PetZen™ giveaway

  1. Heck, I gues this means I can’t join in the contest. My Vickie says since I am related to you (well not you specifically) but because you are My Vickies neice, we can’t enter. That ok, She said she would just go on over and buy one for me. Yeah. Good luck everyone.

  2. Gizmo likes PetZen on FB and thinks the Doggie Travel Bed is just pawsome! These are interesting products I’d never seen before…Imagine using yoga mat scraps to make dog products

  3. I have a special hiking doggie friend who would love to have one of these…Kydo and I friended Pet Zen in hopes to win a bowl for Elvis!

  4. Wowwzers! Wes LOVES their stuff! Mommy gots losted on the site for a long time.
    First We LIKED them on Facebook!
    #2 We LOVES their Delux Dog Travel Kit! With all the travelling wes done, it is so nice to sees all the stuff yous needs in one bag…Does yous thinks they will make a kitty kit?

    • You don’t have to tweet. You can just tell me a product you like and that is an entry. Tweeting and fb are additional entries 🙂

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