PAWlight: Tanner

Sweet, sweet Tanner. He just had surgery to remove some tumors yesterday and is doing well. He is such a trooper. He even tried to get up by himself. Here is a note from Vickie:

“Just an update note on Tanner, He is doing well. He can’t get up on his own yet but if I help him up he can walk around for about one minute. The tumor that concerned the doctor the most was the size of an orange, the others were just fatty tumors. The mouth had a broken tooth in the far back that had a terrible infection and food was getting caught between the gums and the tooth. very painful. The poor woman who tanner lives with is in the hospital with a broken femur and somehow got the information that Tanner had died during the surgery. I wasn’t able to tell her differently until today. Can you imagine. Poor dear lady. But soon they will both be together again. (a couple of weeks or more) Thanks everyone for your good wishes. Tanner is an exceptional little spirit.”


Tanner resting the night before his surgery.


Look at that sweet face. You wouldn’t even know he was sick. He is so sweet.



Thanks to everyone for their well wishes and good vibes! We heart Tanner.


3 thoughts on “PAWlight: Tanner

  1. Lucky Tanner to be where people love him and are so happy to take good care of him. It is the best place in the world for a dog to be if they cannot be at home.

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