rest & relaxation

It’s almost the weekend.  Woo hoo. Time to catch up some rest and prepare for some serious playing this weekend, not that anything special is going on, it’s just the weekend!!


Serious and James Dean getting some much needed rest. We have really enjoyed the time we had to play with Serious and wish him the best at his new home. Even Allred is catching up on some rest (although this is all he has been doing since his “walk-about”)


Josie was not too happy to be disturbed during her relaxing time. She has quite the bark. Don’t mind Bert, he will just grab his pillow and suck away. Sweet little Cosmo, sleeping the day away when he was here a couple weeks ago.

lazy1Sweet Goose, hanging on to the ball while he naps away.


Goose falls asleep, while waiting for his “mom” to come back, all the time. Dear, sweet Abby, always out basking in whatever sunlight there is to be had.

Okay weekend, bring it on. We are ready!


2 thoughts on “rest & relaxation

  1. Best place ever to come and get so tired from having fun that you just crash. Keeps my people happy when I am not begging for attention. Happy times for everyone. KC

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